Sunday, June 13, 2010

Why I created L.A. FOR HIRE, your own Hollywood Executive

It all started when I was sitting at a bar in Chelsea in NYC with a girlfriend of mine, Danielle, an advertising media whiz and fellow Columbia University alumni -- and I was longing to return to my roots in Manhattan where I grew up and went to college. Over a lovely, crisp Sauvignon Blanc, as I thought about becoming more bi-coastal, Danielle said...

"You're L.A. FOR HIRE! That's what you are... You have over 15 years of experience in Hollywood and a bunch of credits under your belt as a producer and executive for various film and TV companies at all the major studios. This makes you a valuable commodity, especially in New York or anyone outside of you should consult."

You know the players, the network, studio and production company know creative talent, writers, directors, actors, agents, managers, and so on...and you know how to navigate the Hollywood system. You're L.A. FOR HIRE!"

I Liked the sound of that.

I got into a taxi and by the time I arrived on the Upper Westside where I was staying, I had pen and paper in hand and began to formulate my new entertainment consulting company "L.A. FOR HIRE".

With over 15 years of experience developing and producing projects for film and television, I decided to create a company that would fill a niche for those filmmakers, screenwriters, production companies and advertising agencies that might be seeking insider expertise and Hollywood contacts to advance their projects but lived far away -- or didn't have the access and the "know-how" to navigate the entertainment industry. And in instances where companies were forced to make cut-backs or became short-staffed, they could hire a seasoned film and television executive on a consulting basis.

In creating L.A. FOR HIRE, your own Hollywood Executive, I offer filmmakers, screenwriters, production companies, and advertising agencies from all over the world a gateway to the Hollywood community. Wherever an individual or company may be...whether it's New York City, London, Paris or Dubai...if you can't get to Hollywood -- I'll bring Hollywood to you.

Thus L.A. FOR HIRE was born.

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