Sunday, March 18, 2012

Screenwriters' Stepping Stones

I have recently met a lovely screenwriter through the Linkedin Group, Independent Filmmakers & Screenwriters, Stephen M. Hunt. It's a great group by the way. Stephen hails from England, has an accomplished career (impressive I might add), and offered eloquentadvice to a fellow UK screenwriter who was planning on making a trip to Hollywood in the hopes of selling a project. I would like to share what he wrote:

"Rarely does a single trip deliver the answer to all your prayers. Usually getting there comes from advancing by stepping-stones, one at a time...Your trip is more like your next important stepping-stone that could lead to others and then others and then others..."

I believe the above is a great philosophy because "making it" as a screenwriter is a process and does not happen overnight. Whether you are improving the quality of your writing, brushing up on your pitching skills or developing industry relationships, each stepping stone makes you that much smarter, better at your craft, and closer to realizing your goals.

I would also recommend that you have more than one screenplay or project when you start taking meetings for several reasons: 1) So you don't put all of your eggs in one basket as prospective buyers might not be looking for the type of movie you wrote at the moment 2) You then have other material to speak to them about and one of your other scripts could turn out to be a better fit for them 3) When looking for an agent, in particular, the agent wants to know that you have a body of solid work that demonstrates consistency and you're not a one trick pony 5) As a writer, you want to keep moving forward. It's great to be focused and give concentrated energy to one project. At the same time, writers need to continue to stretch and challenge themselves creatively. Often, writers learn from each of their projects and by writing a new script, a writer gets to test and exercise what he or she has learned.

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